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jsa_allstars's Journal

The Justice Society of America
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All Members , Moderated
For fans of the Justice Society of America
Welcome to jsa_allstars! We are a community for fans of the Justice Society of America, in all its different incarnations.

I (starsandsea) created this community because there was nowhere to post your JSA fic or art or graphics and, well, there really should be! You are welcome to post anything related to the JSA here (fic, art, graphics, scans, icons, and more!), and you are also welcome to post fic or fanart, and all of the things mentioned above, that has a JSA member as a secondary character, with a non JSA primary pairing or character. For example, if you have a Batman fic, and Alan Scott guest stars, you would be welcome to post that here. As long as a member of the past or present JSA has a semi-important role, then it is fine.

Posting Guidelines
When you post fic or art in the community please use the following (or very similar) header:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Word Count: (optional)
Warnings: (if applicable)
Spoilers: (only if your post contains something from a recent - 3 months - issue)

Please tag your entries so they can be found in the future with the usual tags: fanfic, fanart, scans, icons, etc. Please also tag your entries with the character's name(s) or the pairing(s), for example, 'wildcat i: ted grant', or 'alan scott/ted grant', to keep things organized. If the character doesn't have a tag yet, then I will make one once I see you have posted something.

Please put scans, art, anymore than 3 icons and any fic over 100 words behind a cut so we don't clog up anyone's flist. Please also be sensible about scans, as I don't want this community to get deleted.

Open to everyone

This community is slash, femslash, het and gen friendly. If you have a problem with one of those, but still want to join, then that is fine, as long as you don't make nasty comments. If you do, then I won't hesitate to ban you. This community is open to all ratings from G to NC-17, however I will have to ask you to friends lock anything rated adult, and the community is rated as having adult concepts.

There will be a monthly challenge where I will post a word or a phrase, or maybe even a scan, and you can do whatever the plot bunnys tell you to, be it fic or art or icons or manips - let your imagination run free!

The monthly challenges have been temporary suspended for an indefinite amount of time.

We are currently holding a challenge of creating a character guide! See this post for details!

If you have any questions/suggestions/requests, then please feel free to contact me by e-mailing me at starsandsea(at)googlemail(dot)com

This community is all about spreading the JSA love, so don't be shy! Pull up a chair, get settled down and start spreading the love!


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